Phoenix Hotel Program is designed to meet the needs of the hotel or hotel chain in various sizes. Phoenix Hotel Software provides tools to make your operations as efficiently and profitably than ever before. Phoenix Hotel Software installation by providing the ultimate in flexibility to meet the changing needs of each hotel , needed information quickly , allows you to access accurate and up to date.

Introduction Agency

An unlimited company address and contact definitions in the agency board.
Agents can be done through interviews with agents card.
And file with the Agency documents can be added to the program database .
Credit limits defined risk management is provided to the agencies .
Creating package deals offered to the guests optional services .
Control is achieved thanks to undergo mechanical check on the prices given in the price agreements .
Agents on the basis of the types of rooms and / or overall quota given periods .
Sales agency by agency basis of performance monitoring data records can be made.
Breakdown can be made in the contract price . This can lead to diversity in the desired revenue accounts in decomposing plant stays account.

Current Track Introduction

Agencies and Companies debt and debt is easier for the introduction of various types .
The act of leaving a credit and collection agencies can be monitored by means of this module.
Debtor and creditor companies can be identified quickly .
Collection and payment can be performed quickly.
Followed by the transfer is made for the payment and will purchase program devoted to follow-up periods .
Advanced reporting options, financial planning makes it more consistent.
Bills can be cut manually . There is no limitation in the invoice items .
Reach in need of invoices are provided within the program .

Front Office Promotion

Display the status of the hotel room plan can be viewed instantly by the look-ahead is .
Housekeeping is accessed by customers of the room momentarily to accept the terms of cleanliness and pollution situation can be managed.
Technical Service and planned maintenance services efficiently rooms , the hotel capacity is created prospectively.
Gelecekler kontrolü ile gün içi beklenen misafirler izlenebilir.
Insiders accessible to present guests with control.
The control will go out with the expected guests can be monitored.
Expenditure of guest agents, can be incorporated into the room or personal accounts.
Collections made to the relevant accounts can be processed .
Permanently accessible to the active foil.
Walk on the type of guest reservation or acceptable to the copy of the check done , individually or in groups .
Recognizing the same information is requested again by the program for registered customers during the check and be done by entering the program avoids wasting time .
TC ID information is facilitated by the control program.
Police XML file is created .
Customers who come in groups or individually can be checkout Checkout date .
Balance in the checkout process is done not reset the balance control room or other types of foils can not checkout .
Alerting the user program in the early Checkout eliminate errors .
Agent foil can be removed easily account balances credit agencies.
Room and changes in the guest room can be made quickly.
The rooms at the self- foil type connected to the agent .
Posting transfers between the foil can be done quickly.
Room to post messages and wishes and desires , and this can be shown in the display room .
Filtering and search feature in the room plan provides quick access to the rooms and groups.
Current state of the hotel rooms and the expected income from the plan can be monitored in real time.

Booking Promotion

Self type of agent and can be booked .
Walk-ins can be made when booking.
Group or individual reservations can be .
Warranty can be booked in optional or Waitlist type.
Quota granted to agencies will affect occupancy parametrically removed the possibility to fall short.
Three-dimensional visual graphics offers advantages in administrative decisions.
Annual occupancy analysis screen and occupancy can be seen on an annual basis .
Special days and holidays are introduced hotel pricing may not be realized.
According to the date hotel occupancy are likely to fall short is removed to be monitored with 100% accuracy .
Transfer requests may be required for bookings can be reported whether recorded.
Asset allocation can be made for groups or individuals.
For reservations call filtering based on certain criteria, and can be performed quickly .
Visuals provided renklerdir have been made on the booking screen.
Files and documents related to the reservation will be stored in the database.
Reservation booking details may appear in the detail screen for specific dates.
Guest information can be saved when booking.
The meal plan can be created by the board during the booking information and can be created with the intervention plan.
When booking with discounts given to price agreements for individual or group bookings can be managed.
For reservations or manually administered prices in the deal.
Price agreements have been made with the booking agent selected by the agency to detail and are brought by the program by default.