Booking Engine

Booking Engine

Now, not only for promoting the website, "MONEY SAVING" We believe that there should be a medium. Therefore, through your website, the SSL Certificate and Virtual POS installation, to fall into the bank account of your own company, direct CREDIT CARD WITH BOOK enjoy, "Booking Engine" will live with Online Reservation System.

Hotels, Travel Agencies, Rent a Car, Transfer, Online shopping site specific to your product for your needs, from a single page, the site will be completed quickly and easily shop for the user, product pricing are producing systems with custom web software that can offer the most flexible way your alternative.

• Only it allows to make a reservation on one page.

• It gives the possibility to display on the same page all the room types of the plant.

• With Online Booking Engine, at the same time provide the possibility to book more than one room.

• Price increases and promotion, stop sale option date change etc. operations can be done.

• Credit card investigation is done at the same time, if there is a problem with the credit card statement data.